• Devil Square zen rewards were increased. More details here
  • Added new buffs and pets into X-Shop
  • Allowed party between different Gens
  • Fixed Scramble Words issue with word capital
  • Bosses Ice Queen, Balrog, Gorgon, Hydra, Death King ? Zaikan appears in 2 times faster - in 12 hours after killing. Boss killing reward can be 50kk zen / 1 - 200 Ruud / Excellent item and:
    • 5 Goblin Point for killing Balrog, Gorgon, Ice Queen
    • 10 W Coin for killing Hydra, Death King, Zaikan
  • We announce hunting for Pouch of Blessing. The count of murders occurs within a week. On Monday at 00:00 server time, the hunters rating will be reset, and the top 5 hunters of the week will receive a 7-day reset cost reduction as a reward, depending on the place taken:
    1. 1kk zen * amount of resets
    2. 3kk zen * amount of resets
    3. 5kk zen * amount of resets
    4. 7kk zen * amount of resets
    5. 9kk zen * amount of resets


Hunters ranking available here.

Evomon invasion has been added

Evomon monsters have been appeared in Devias and Dungeon!

Killin Evomon monsters you can get Evomon Box (minor, standard, greater, luxurious, magnificent, legendary).

Evomon Box drop: jewels (from 1 to 10) or Ruud (from 1 to 100).


Wizard Mu x10
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