Scramble words

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Scramble words

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Scramble words - it is a puzzle game in which you have to rearrange the letters in order to unscramble or reconstruct a word (anagram).

Event happens 5 times per day and contains 2 difficulty levels. 
At each difficulty level, the number of letters in a word will be increased, so at level 1 words consist of 3-5 letters, and at level 2 of 6-9.
At each level, 5 words are guessed.
To give an answer, you have to write /scramble {your choice of answer}. For example, the word "alepp" (apple) was guessed - which means that in order to guess it and get a reward, you need to write /scramble apple
If the answer is correct, all players will see a message with the winner's nickname and the correct answer, and the winner will receive a reward in the Gremory Case.

Reward depends on difficulty level:

1 - Box Of Luck
2 - Box of Heaven

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