We opened!

Welcome to Wizard MuOnline!

We've prepared few updates:

  • Changed reset mechanism. More information how to reset here.
  • Events and some other specific server descriptions does not exist, because we've only opened and significant changes are possible. We will add additional information step by step.
  • Everybody who was active test team member and didn't get reward please contact with administration.
  • To help our server be perfect and get more brightness in Mu world you can vote for us on mmotop and mmoanons. In the nearest future we will configure voting rewards and notify you on the website.
  • You can invite other players using your referral link. When invited player gets 5-10-15 resets you get rewards. Referral link is in Account Panel -> Referral System -> Referral link
  • Added PayPal payment method for donations
  • Added Bronze VIP
  • Added Mage Legendary set to shop in Devias

Wizard Team

Posted 30/05/2022, By WizardMu

Currently this is only one server.